App Development

Student App


This app is for students to keep track of their grades, activities, shortcomings, and achievements. It also functions as a planner, calendar, as well as datesheet. Students can use it to keep track of their study materials, homework, attendance, and assessments. They get access to check their graphical highs and lows to see where they should devote their concentration.

Parent App


This communication software allows parents to receive daily updates on their children's activities. This tool is linked to their child's profile, allowing parents to view their child's reports, attendance, fee information, exam information, homework, school policies, etc. It also facilitates communication between parents and teachers, allowing them to understand more about their children's needs and home environments, which they can utilize to better fulfil those needs.

Management App


Management can globally utilise this app by using their smartphones. It provides a summary of the statistics from each department. This app is developed in order to keep track of the running school's activities while the management is travelling.

Teacher App


This tool can be utilized by teachers to design a seating plan for students during an examination. This application makes planning and organising everyday tasks quicker. It makes things simpler to administer an online exam and communicate daily assignments or other updates to students. One of the greater appealing aspects is approaching parents or providing information in fractions.

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